Vaporizers are the life of any party for real

You can name a lot of great things that ever happened to humankind. And the greatest of it all was the discovery of the herb called marijuana. I love marijuana and I think this phrase is just a cliché nowadays as everybody loves it. But my first hit was horrible. I was sat in a field looking at stars and a friend came up with a vaporizer. I knew what it is used for. I didn’t do any drugs before but I wanted to do it that day. You can reach their via phat nav. I took a drag off the vaporizer and it was too smooth and I loved it so I moved on to taking some more drags of it.

It was really great. And a little later the machine beeped and my friend told me it beeps when someone is high. Here’s their pinterest- I thought am I high? I couldn’t understand what was happening. For a moment I couldn’t think of anything and an instant later it hit me like a big fat punch Mohammed Ali to my face and my body shook up and breath got heavier. You should check some external link. I thought I was choking and wanted to go to the doctor as soon as possible but my friend told me everyone felt like that and I should not mess with my virgin high. There were no motor ability in me for some time but I tried to get a grip on my body. I tried to move my arms and legs and jolted up to stand up and walk a little.

The high made me afraid for my life and I asked him my friend if that was normal too and I was also talking a load of shit that day. My friend got worried and said I might have panic attacks and told me to think good things. I tried to stay normal and my throat was perched. Before asking for water my friend got a bottle of Gatorade out of his backpack and gave it to me and told me I must be getting dehydrated which happens when someone pots.