911 Charity Donation/Central Valley Heroes

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Oct 082013

poker run - Sawtooth CrossFit

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 9/11 Memorial WOD we are able to donate $500 to the Firefighter Historical Charity Fund in honor of local fallen firefighter Frank Reed and on behalf of Marco Vaca.

We will also be out at Twilight Park this Saturday 10/12 at 10AM with a vendor booth supporting the Central Valley Heroes and representing Sawtooth Crossfit. Come join us for a BBQ, refreshments, and good company. If you would like to participate in the Poker Run please see the above flyer. See you THIS SATURDAY!

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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Sep 272013

I’ve been waiting, watching and patiently listening- I have sat back this week and watch the outcry from the community for and against different fitness methodlogies. I have listened to people bashing other areas of fitness, defending other areas of fitness. I have watched the media speak about conditions that exist in the medical arena and blame certain methodologies for it. I have read things about zumba, prancercise, back flipping for time, powerlifting, etc. I have heard from so many coaches, athletes and members the discussion going around about how everyone is tired of the criticism.

I have remained quiet, to formulate these thoughts about to go down. Let me start by saying I am in the process of writing a complete research article on the condition known as Rhabdomyolysis in response to an article that was posted earlier this week. This article, I wanted to be simple, but as I dug more and more into rhabdo, the causes, the signs, the symptoms, the risks and the prevention of, I realized it needed to be a full fledged article about the reality and the science behind it rather than just my “opinion” on what is causing it. So I am carefully spending time analyzing, reviewing and carefully selecting the most important bullet points that are important to us as coaches and athletes.

Now, here I sit after thinking long and hard this week. I stepped back this week to let it unfold before I gave my response. I was heated earlier this week, upset that people keep bashing each other in the world of fitness. I wrote a response on facebook in which STILL people were bashing because of their perspective. Here is what my Facebook post said:
“Just a thought- I think the biggest thing that people need to realize is in any community, whether body building, power lifting, olympic lifting, and CrossFit, there is judgement from other humans in other specialties. Shit, even in the fire service from shift to shift and engine to truck… this is part of human nature. But what we have to stop doing is pointing fingers at everyone else and start owning responsibility for our own actions and start praising those who are living a healthier lifestyle. We also need to present facts and evidence to support our case and not badmouth ANY fitness program whatsoever…. Any and all programs that get humans to move off the couch or improve their fitness and health are GOOD. ”

And yet the criticism EVEN on this post, goes to show me that we have gotten to a point in the fitness community where we may not be looking at the common goal anymore, which is to reduce the incidence of a sedentary lifestyle and promote movement. PERIOD.

You see, 20 years ago, when I started coaching, to me it wasn’t about who was the best, who was the fittest, who had the fastest time, the heaviest lift, looked the best, etc. etc. It was about changing lives. PERIOD. I got into this industry to make a difference. I made a GREAT income as a personal trainer, one which is still not matched by my full time “Career” now. But I choose things because I enjoy them and I am passionate about them. I am passionate about human movement. I am passionate about helping people get out of their comfort zone. I am passionate about sharing information with others so they may make their lives better. I am passionate about getting in front of people and having a good time helping them work out, because it’s not “fun” for everyone like it is for me… so i like to crack jokes, make snide remarks and pretty much, love being a coach and entertainer at times.

This week, I questioned if I was in the right industry anymore. And the reason I did is because of the amount of hate in our industry. It didn’t used to be like this. It used to be that you could go to “globo gym” and do whatever you wanted and there would be trainers, etc. The power lifters were those guys making loud noises in the weight room. You had cardio queens, guys who did arms and chest every day (Sun’s out, guns out) and had scrawny little legs (and yes we poked fun back then too). You had aerobics classes, yoga classes, spin classes, etc etc. And everyone seemed to co-exist in one building. Maybe people got results, and maybe they didn’t. But it really didn’t matter, because they were moving and they were in a facility.

Somewhere along the way, I believe our industry , the fitness industry, has become so segmented, that we have lost sight of our common goal. Human movement.

Back in the old days, we had jobs that required us to move. We had recess and breaks, at school. We had physical education. We had to grow our food. We had to build, create and use human movement as our MEANS of obtaining an income. Then came better and better technology. And with it the invention of computers. And with computers came social media. We can now hide behind a computer, say what we think, our voice can be heard and there doesn’t even have to have substantial evidence to support what we “post” because it’s on the internet and people believe a lot of stuff.

Kids don’t move anymore in school. Parents feed them quick easy solutions because everyone is so “busy”. In fact, too busy to even make a meal. When did we get so fucking busy that we let fast food restaurants feed us the majority of the time. When did we stop taking care of our OWN basic needs?

So today, I am writing this to stop and take a look at the industry of fitness. I am crying out to all fitness professionals to stop and look at the big picture. We are NOT each other’s competition. PERIOD! You need more members? Get them off the couch. You need more clients, go stand in front of a fast food place and recruit- I am sure you will find plenty there that NEED to move. Our enemy is not each other. I don’t give a fuck if you’re recruiting people to be a CrossFitter….er, excuse me.. a CrossFit® Athlete, go to zumba, prance for 3 hours, go out and walk for 30 minutes a day, sculpt your body, use straps to work out, go to boot camp, run, bike, swim, unicycle, fly around in a fairy costume, or jump in front if the TV while you are playing video games (my son does this and I laugh, because he has a little bit of energy). The goal should be to get people’s asses off the couch, away from processed foods as much as possible, and start moving their body. It should be to start with 5 minutes, then work to 7, then work to 10 minutes, etc. etc. It should be progressive in nature and programmed to the needs of the individual rather than the needs of the coach. It should be appropriate and quality in nature.

We are in a state of epidemic in our world today. Both Obesity and complacency are on the rise throughout the world. Yes, we have more people moving because of certain fitness movements, but we are not winning the battle yet. We are still fighting a broken system, and we are fighting against human nature. These two things are so powerful and yet we fight each other. We bash, we hate, we argue, we try to disprove rather than approve of others fitness movements because we think we are better. We look down on others because it’s different than ours. We segregate ourselves because we are our own entity. We call people cults because their community is strong and supportive. If I remember right, every arena of fitness has that feel. If you are a powerlifter, there is a powerlifting community. If you do yoga, there is a yoga community. If you cycle, there is a cycling community. Each and EVERY fitness activity has a community that has a “cultish” feel to it. Some people are more into it than others. Some will proudly post they rode 25 miles today while others will silently do their workout and just keep going.

Fitness PROFESSIONALS will read into this article and figure out what I am getting at. I am sure there will be people who complain I am on a soap box and this is bullshit because “we are more specialized than that”. While that may be true, please realize my intent. My intent is for ALL of us to STOP the fighting over who has the best program, who has the best gym, who has the best results. I know it’s all marketing and we all need to find a way to make a living. BUT by bashing another fitness system, methodology, or gym, you make YOURSELF look shitty in the process. It’s not about where you go, it’s about going! For 95% of people, the hardest part of moving is starting!! Once things have begun, they will find it in their own right to find something that works for them.

We as professionals should support the population in what their goals are. I have repeatedly sent people out of FTF because we are not a good fit for them. Not because I don’t want them to work out at FTF< but because the services I offer at my facility don’t fit their needs. Once each of us realizes as professionals that there are 7 Billion people on the planet, which means there are 7 billion needs, there are 7 billion different squats, 7 billion different presses, 7 billion different “diets”, we will start to understand that we should support our quest for fitness. Once we realize that it’s about giving information rather than hating on others, then we can make progress. Until then, the consumer will remain weary of every sport, gym, coach, etc.

Consumers- DO SOMETHING FUN!!!!! If you don’t enjoy what your doing to move your body, then WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IT? Honestly!?!? Ask yourself that question. I know people say that their program is better than someone else’s, but honestly, if you are just starting to get into fitness, then work on eating less shit and moving your body more. Is there anything else that REALLY matters when you begin to move?

Having said that, please realize that there are programs that are more efficient and higher in safety and efficacy than others. Your job as a consumer is to do your research. Find out what you enjoy, do some research on it and figure out if it will be a good fit for you. Also, study websites, videos, articles and look up when articles come out that bash a certain methodology. Chances are you will find cases that support both sides. Remember that in most articles unless a research article, has bias (and even those, have some sort of bias as to what they want to prove) It’s very difficult to remove bias unless you are speaking from a completely logical sense. Remember that the industry itself has motives which may or may not always be in your best interest.

I am calling all of you out fitness professionals, personal trainers, coaches, instructors, whatever you call yourself. Step back and remember why you got into what you did in the first place. It’s because you were PASSIONATE about it. EVEN if you got into it for the reason of making an income, remember that what goes around comes around. If we bash others, eventually that will come back to us in so many other ways.

Share your passion with others everywhere you go. When someone asks you a question about your program, give them information, and allow them to make a decision. Help them find what fitness movement is correct for them. In the long run, those individuals will appreciate you more and PROBABLY refer you more business because you were a PROFESSIONAL and recommended they do the right thing FOR THEM.

Will this create controversy? I hope so. because I am so tired of defending fitness…. because really, what we do every day when we respond to the people bashing, is defend our passion for helping people become healthy. Are there risks inherent in exercise, yes. Is it important that people are informed? Yes. Is it important that you check with your doctor on the risks for YOU as an individual, Yes… We need to be aware of the risks of human movement- injury up to and including death, whether acquired or inherited. We need to realize that there is good and bad information out there. We need to realize that there are levels of coaching ability, training ability, instructor ability. The great thing is, there are so many avenues for us to move now, there really is no excuse left to not get up and do something.

Here’s to all of you out there- Can’t we all just get along?

Coach K.

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Member Spotlight! Emily Wilson – CrossFit for two

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Sep 022013

Emily Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight! Congratulations Emily! You and the Wilson family are such a welcome part of the SawtoothCF community. Emily has been training with us since the beginning and has a unique perspective on something other CrossFit women may be going through. Emily you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work.

1) Name/age?

Emily Wilson

Age – 31

2) When did you join us and what got you into CrossFit?

Earlier, I went to visit an old friend back where I’m from, who had opened her own box.  Cory and I went just to see what on earth they do there…it was almost comical trying to keep up.  Over and over I caught myself laughing out loud as I was nearly dying over every movement we did.  How could I be this out of shape?? But oddly, I never felt like I shouldn’t be there just because I was struggling.  The atmosphere, camaraderie and coaches made it worth my lungs burning.  Never had I been so sore the next day!…but for some strange curiosity, we went back…two more days.  It was fun to see ordinary people I knew doing bad ass moves and lifts. So the second we saw Sawtooth brewing to open here in Visalia, my husband and I jumped on it.  We started onramp in January and haven’t been able to stop since!

3) What personal goals have you accomplished with us or what progress have you made? Can you comment on your unique situation? 

Let’s start back in college, forget the freshman fifteen, I was aiming at the freshman FIFTY!  I put on so much weight, subsequently blowing a disc in my low back.  Prescription to help my disc?  Lose weight…damn.  I had an unhealthy relationship with food (mostly sugar) and felt so far beyond help I kind of gave up at that point.  I kept trying crazy fad diets that would either help for 5 lbs or make me cry from being so restrictive, which eventually lead to giving up the diet as well.  We started crossfit with sawtooth, and at first I didn’t change anything about the way I was eating…and my body was starting to disappear.  Then I figured out how and when to eat to fuel my workouts…and it disappeared even faster.  I was eating more calories (through better choices) then I was before…and it was going from marshmallow to machine.  For those of you that have seen my facebook profile picture (pre-crossfit), ya know the one where I’m hiding behind my husband because I really didn’t want my picture taken?…. I wore that same shirt and it even fit better….when I was 8months pregnant with cross fit.  Say WHAT??  Goodbye obesity, I’m done with you!

Knowing my potential for weight gain, having the capability to work out while being pregnant has been amazing.  I was thankful our coaches have been able to support me when I needed to figure out a modification to a movement or an entire workout.  Each pregnancy is different and you have to make your MD aware.  Mine was supportive and stated if I had started working out before I got pregnant that I could continue at the same pace.  I had previously lost 20lbs with Sawtooth and eventually replaced it…with baby!  Gaining only baby and not my double chin back has been seriously awesome.  Barring obvious belly impediments, I had to listen to my body.  Pregnant or not, there will be times when your body say “Whoa buddy, what’re you thinking? Take a break!” and vice versa there will be times it says “What’re you doing? We still got gas in the tank, Let’s get it!”  Listen to your body!

4) What is your favorite thing about SawtoothCF?

At first it was the nervous excitement as we pulled in to do our onramp classes.  Then it became the friends that I knew I would get to see there.  Happy smiling coaches met your face every time you showed up!  After bribing my nephew Roderick into joining, it became a family affair for us.  Eventually my oldest child got the itch and he’s now doing affiliate workouts too.  I loved watching my five year old girl keeping up on burpees with Cory during a workout, knowing he was dying and she was just having fun.  It’s been great having a community to know and have something in common considering we are not originally from here, makes outsiders feel a connection has been permanently forged.

5) Favorite WOD/lift/movement?

SNATCH!  Who doesn’t feel like superman when you pull up a snatch?  Plus, it’s just fun to say J My favorite WODs are usually the ones that have lots of different movements to break up the monotony.  I loved the challenge of the WOD for Warriors and who doesn’t love a Saturday partner WOD?

6) Least favorite WOD/lift/movement?

RUNNING DISTANCE!  My stubs for legs were not made for long distance.  I hate it, it hates me…someday I hope for a mutual understanding between us.  Sadly, I’d rather do burpees and thrusters (numbers 2 and 3 of least favorites).

7) What current/future goals do you have that you will accomplish?

Once this pregnancy has ended, I want to get back in the box and get after it, nailing some serious max lifts.  I know there will be a little bit of a re-learning curve but I can’t wait to see what I am capable of.  I would love to get into a competition next year.  I need a non-banded pull-up!

8) Anything you would like to say to anyone who may be reading this to see if our gym is right for them?

For those of you who are scared to try crossfit, GIVE IT A TRY!  What’ve you got to lose?!  I’ve heard people say I need to get in shape to do crossfit.  That’s the whole point!  It’s amazing what it will do for your mind, body and oh nelly, will you get a nice butt.  You won’t give up when you walk into Sawtooth, you’ll find your inner motivation and it will drive your shapely booty back every day!

Thanks Emily! Congrats! -SawtoothCF

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Upcoming Events!!!

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Aug 212013

Several events coming up in the month of September that you will not want to miss. First and foremost…


SCF is hosting a 9/11 memorial WOD/Fundraiser. Proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to the families of fallen firefighters. This event is open to EVERYONE! That is current members, friends and family, or anyone else wanting to check out the gym. We will be doing a basic working that can be scaled to any level. If you have been wanting to see what all the hype is about, this would be an excellent event for you to attend and we would love to have you. Sign up at


THROWDOWN IN THE VALLEY – September 14th, 2013. We are sending a couple athletes to the Throwdown in the Valley on September 14th, 2013.


CAFFEINE AND KILO’S INVITATIONAL- September 15th, 2013. We are pumped for this. We are sending several teams to compete and this is going to be a phenominal competition followed up by a world class weightlifting meet. Do not miss it!!!

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Member Spotlight – Treaux Lewis

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Jul 292013

tro copy

Treaux’s hard work and dedication in the gym has earned him the coveted member spotlight! You will usually find Treaux crushing a WOD in the early morning classes. Treaux has made a lot of personal progress in the gym. We can only do so much as coaches, the rest is up to the athlete. I can honestly say that it is a privelage to have Treaux as a member. He is an inspiration to all of us. Here is a little about Treaux:

1) Name/age?

Treaux Lewis – 42

2) When did you join Sawtooth CrossFit and what got you into it?

Its a long and boring story how I was introduced to the crossfit ideology, I won’t go into that. From my introduction, I had been making a miserable attempt to perform some of the WODs for about 2 yrs previous based strictly off of One of the main reasons that I stopped in to Sawtooth was that I always look at the surroundings in the different boxes in the various videos and pictures on and YouTube. When the Sawtooth sign went up mid December 2012, I about pissed my pants w/ excitement. It was a large, new, and from the outside, a very well equipped box. Then the BBQ on that fateful Saturday, I just happened to be working and passing by. I signed up and was at the 6:00 AM class on 1/1/13.

3) What personal goals have you accomplished with us or what progress have you made?

I have dropped 55 pounds, 4″ in waist, and I’m back to XL shirts from XXXL. I wish I could say that I have all kinds of extra energy, but honestly by the time I leave the gym every day, I am toast!
Coach Fox started me on a cleaner eating program which has helped a great deal. A long time ago I heard a quote: “Eat to Live, NOT, Live to Eat”! Since the first of the year, all the coaches and some of the members have really helped me cement that into my noggin! Now comes the challenge of eating to gain strength and maintain muscle growth while not fat stores!
Of course the friendly competition helps my daily motivation, along w/ virtually every member throwing down and kicking ass until time runs out (or they barf)! That’s awesome!

4) What is your favorite thing about SCF?

My favorite thing about SCF is the level of programming whether its the affiliate MetCon’s, or the Barbell Club. I have been associated w/ several gyms in three different states and the “On Ramp” program here at SCF is second to none! The other thing that keeps me coming back is the access to a personal coach anytime during the WODs or strength workouts. The fact that they are all athletes and fit, not just coaches is sick!
I have seen many things at SCF in the past 6 months: sweat, pain, exhaustion, exhilaration, and tears (always from me after I just got my butt kicked by one or more of the ladies during a WOD), and I have yet not to want more.

5) Favorite WOD/lift/movement?

Favorite lift is the SNATCH. It’s still very much a work in progress but its fun once you catch that weight in the hole.

6) Least favorite WOD/lift/movement?

Running is the most evil movement on the face of the earth!

7) What current/future goals do you have that you will accomplish with SCF?

I have recently been asked to join a group for a competition, which is one of the greatest highlights of my life! I am freaked out and already have performance anxiety, but we will see how it all plays out! Of course I would like to get my level 1 cert., and a long range goal is to make the 1000 lb club.
In February I bought a SCF T-shirt that says “ATHLETE” on the front, my BIGGEST goal is to actually be worthy of that title. My name has never been synonymous with that word.

8) Anything you would like to say to people checking out this site to see if Sawtooth CrossFit is the place for them?

I think that anyone trying to decide if they want to start a life and health change by joining SCF, needs to weigh the consequences!

PRO’s – 1) Feeling better
2) Great friendships
3) Personal satisfaction
4) Longer life

CON’s – 1) Trying to explain to your family why you are spending all your time in a BOX sweating
and working your ass off.

Remember – “It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know!”

None of the movements or activities in crossfit are new. The way they are strung together, integrated into a comprehensive program and then, ( The Most Important Part), TAUGHT to you, are all where Sawtooth Crossfit excels in the world of fitness.

Treaux, you are awesome. Never give up brother. -SCF

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2013 CrossFit Games are under way! (And LIVE on ESPN)

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Jul 252013

It’s that time of the year again and the 2013 CrossFit games are upon us. From July 24th-28th, 2013 a handful of athletes will compete for the title of “Fittest on Earth,” and $275,000. For the first time ever the Games will be televised LIVE on ESPN2. SCF will be down at the Stub Hub center watching the action. You will not want to miss this!

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Sawtooth Barbell Club (USAW Club #3886)

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Jul 112013

Sawtooth CrossFit Barbell Club VISALIA

Sawtooth Barbell an official USA Weightlifting Club #3886 and part of the Pacific Weightlifting Association ( Additional Weightlifting workouts are programmed for advanced athletes looking to improve their lifts. The extra work is to be completed during open gym and we meet once a week on Saturday (times vary, ask a coach) with our USAW coaches. Sawtooth Barbell Club is open to anyone looking to improve their lifts and is included as part of membership. All members and non members are welcome to participate. If you are interested, please contact us or ask a coach in the gym.

 Coach Fox C&J at 127kg (280#) @ PWA Masters

Weightlifting is the most transformative sport on earth and weightlifters are the strongest and most powerful athletes in the world. They are transformed from humble beginnings to spectacular success through careful training with free weights that delivers results unmatched by any other activity.

Olympic Weightlifting Beasts


Jan 012013


Are you READY?????  We Are!!!!!

Are you READY????? We Are!!!!!

Beginning January 1st 2013, every class on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday will be a Ramping Up Program. The only exception is the first week of January (1st-4th) will be Tuesday/Thursday/Friday because of the new year. It is important for new members to be there on each of the 9 sessions (3 weeks) to establish the foundation of what they will be using in the group classes. We strongly encourage every member to attend, even if you have previous CrossFit experience. Everyone will benefit. January 21st will begin the first regular full class schedule and we will be adding and re-evaluating the Ramping Up sessions as demand changes. Again, if you do not see a class time that suits you, please ask. If you are unable to make it the first week there WILL be more Ramping Up programs, however it is best if you can start with the rest of the group. Experienced CrossFitters that have been cleared by a trainer may also attend the regular class times on the other days of the week. Also be aware that every new member will be screened with the FMS during the ramping up program, this is included with your membership. If you have any additional questions, please call (559) 372-9264, or email