Step 1: Try us for free!

Your first workout is always completely FREE. The first saturday of every month at 9am is a FREE “Friends and Family workout.” Stop by the gym any time to check us out, or email us to schedule your first class. We are happy to introduce ourselves to you, show you around the gym, and let you pick our brains so you can see what we are all about. Email us at to schedule your free workout and see for yourself. You will meet the owners, some coaches, and members!

Step 2: Purchase Membership

As soon as you commit to us, we will commit to you. We have the reputation of being the best at what we do and take pride in the overall quality of coaching, program, and facility that we provide. We do not discount our product or compete on price.

Step 3: Complete the Elements Program

Because our focus is on quality of instruction, safety and effectiveness, entry into our CrossFit classes is tightly controlled. We recommend all NEW members attend each of the four Elements classes before participating in CrossFit classes or Open Gym. This is your introductory into CrossFit classes, where we teach you the fundamental movements.


What is the Elements program?

The Elements program is recommended for people to get started with Sawtooth CrossFit.  The results within the program have been tremendous both in performance results as well as body composition and health changes. There are four sessions that you must complete and you may start any time. The class curriculum is carefully designed and instructed to prepare new clients for the more demanding CrossFit classes to come. These sessions consist of exercises instruction and practice, review, warm-up protocols, stretching protocols, and, of course, workouts! You will learn, review and practice over 35 different skills and exercises throughout the course of the program, giving you an edge once you continue with the CrossFit Classes. Groups are limited in size to ensure all clients receive more than adequate personal attention.

The Elements program is intended for generally healthy individuals with no serious orthopedic problems; if you’re unsure whether the class setting is appropriate for you, please contact us. Whether or not you’re eligible for group training will be left to the judgment of the trainer.

There is no additional cost for the elements program in addition to your membership.

Step 4: You are ready to start Group CrossFit classes!

CrossFit training is offered in a small group format. We do our best to limit class size to 10-15 clients with 1-2 coaches.  This group training format is ideal for pushing, motivating and encouraging our members and clients to get the best results they can out of themselves!  The classes are structured around the WOD given with a warm-up, a skill development portion, the WOD and finally a cool-down and stretch period.  Plan on the class being about an hour long.

Semi-Private and Personal Coaching/Training

Both Private and Semi-Private Personal training is also available if you feel like this is for you.
Personal Coaching – $30/hour
9 Private Training Sessions – $250

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